Gift Card Benefits
  • Acquire new customers: buyers of gift cards tend to give them out as gifts, meaning your existing customers are introducing more customers to you.
  • Prefund cash flow: earn before goods and services are rendered, you can invest the funds back into your business.
  • Create brand awareness: gift cards are like billboard carried around in consumers’ wallets.
  • Increase sales: most cardholders tend to spend more than the value of the gift cards.
  • Eliminate cash back: partial redemptions are allowed with remaining balance staying on the card.
  • Streamlined Operations: gift cards are convenient for your customers and easy for your staff to operate as they work similar to credit cards.
The Go3Gift Advantage
  • Feature-rich merchant portal: manage your program through our user-friend interface
  • On-demand reports: merchants can access comprehensive real-time reporting and data export
  • Virtual terminal availability: Securely process transactions online using your PC
  • Online balance check for cardholders
  • Mobile apps: merchants can monitor sales performance; customers can check card balance
  • Multi-lingual multi-channel support
  • Brand exposure: be part of our mall where customers can buy your gift card online
  • Most competitive rates and fees

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